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For years we had been hearing of the wonderful dishes
housewives all over the country were making with the famous
Foster Clark products. Why keep them a family secret? we
asked ourselves: why not gather them all together into an
unique Recipe Book so that all the Foster Clark enthusiasts
can share them?
So we invited housewives in every county to send us their
favourite Foster Clark recipe. The response was wonderful.
We soon realised that it would be impossible to include the
thousands of favourite dishes within the covers of one book,
so we decided to choose and publish for your benefit a
hundred of the best recipes, and for six weeks our experimental
kitchens were fragrant with the tempting smells of
cooking as we made and tested every recipe submitted.
Here in your hands is the result of our labours: one
hundred genuine local dishes, sweets and drinks, all chosen
from those sent us by housewives through9ut the length and
breadth of Britain, each one made up in our own kitchens:
and proved to be perfectly delicious. Twenty picked recipes
have been prepared at the Good Housekeeping Institute,
too, and specially photographed-a further guarantee of the
purity and dependable excellence of the Foster Clark
I know I am voicing the sentiments of all my friends at
Foster Clark's when, in offering you my Recipe Book.
I wish you-

Good Cooking!


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1 Steak and Carrot Pudding
2 Vegetable Pie
3 Steak and Kidney Pie
4 Shepherd's Pie
5 Liver and Tomato en Casserole
6 Rabbit and Kidney en Casserole
7 Tomato Macaroni en Casserole
8 Tomato Macaroni with Cheese
9 Savoury Sausage Cake
10 Sausage Meat Mould
11 Savoury Rice
12 Corned Beef Fritters
13 Lamb Croquettes
14 Oxtail Savoury
15 Minced Meat Patties
16 Cornish Pasties
17 Savoury Liver
18 White Fish in Tomato Sauce
19 Corned Beef Brawn
20 Sandwich Fish Paste
21 Steak and Kidney Pudding
22 Cheese and Tomato Sandwich
23 Meat Roll
24 Vegetable Soup
25 Mutton Hot-Pot


26 Bread-and-Butter Custard
27 Macaroni Custard Pudding
28 Swiss Apple Pie '
29 Prune Custard Pudding
30 Baked Custard (Baked Winter
31 Apple Delights
32 Golden Lemon Pudding
33 Lemon Steamed Pudding
34 Lemon Pie
35 Grandmother's Steamed
36 Baked Fruit Sponge
37 Fresh Fruit Sponge
38 Fruit and Carrot Pudding
39 Steamed Chocolate Pudding
40 Rhubarb Caramel
41 Steamed Fig Pudding
42 Sweet Pancakes
43 Chocolate Caramel Pudding
44 Christmas Plum Pudding


45 Lemon Meringue Pie
46 Milk Jelly
47 Jelly Sponge
48 Jellied Rhubarb
49 Lemon Curd

50 Table Jelly Cream
51 Coffee Delight
52 Mock Cream
53 Lemon Snow
54 Eiffel Tower Trifle
55 Cold Fruit Pudding
56 Fig Mould
57 Fudge Custard
58 Junket Custard
59 Date and Apple Surprise
60 Jellied Pears
61 Fruit Crumble
62 Chocolate Sponge Mould
63 Gooseberry Fool
64. Chocolilt Citron


65 Raspberry Buns
66 Custard Cake
67 Golden Cakes
68 Macaroon Buns
69 Angel Cake
70 Oat Biscuits
71 Sultana Loaf
72 Coffee Buns
73 Vanilla Slices
74 Empire Biscuits
75 Sand Cake
76 Melting Moments
77 Butter Sponge
78 Malt Loaf
79 Rich Short Crust Pastry
80 Plain Short Crust Pastry
81 Date and Walnut Cake
82 Sultana Cake
83 Almond Fingers
84 Christmas Cake
85 Praline Flan


86 Custard Sherry Sauce or Foamy
87 Fruit Sauce
88 Ginger Custard Sauce
89 Potted Tomato Paste
90 Onions au gratin
91 Jellied Beetroot
92 Tomato Chutney


93 Lemon Punch
94 Quick Beef Tea
95 Apple Water
96 Ginger Beer
97 Egg Nog
98 Oatmeal Becf Tea
99 Mock Claret Cup
100 Lemon Barley Water


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