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Custard Delicacies by Elizabeth Craig

UK and Australian Versions

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DO YOU MAKE the most of custard powder? If not, you should begin to
do so at once. For, given custard powder, "What'll we have for a sweet?"
is no longer a problem.
When a cold sweet is wanted, you can make custard powder into a sauce
and serve it with Foster Clark's Canned Gooscberries, Plums, Raspberries,
or Strawberries, or with steamed or stewed fruit. You can make it into a
fruit fool or trifle. When the weather is hot, you can wave a wand, and
behold-it's turned into ice-cream! When the weather is cold, you can
transform it into baked milk puddings or into sauce for steamed puddings.
You can also make it into cake fillings, mayonnaise, and salad cream, and
if you mix it with the flour you use for making biscuits) buns, and other
teabread, you'll want to try the experiment again.
There's no end to the possibilities of custard powder. If your children
"don't like" milk, you can give them the milk they must have in the
form of custard. If you can't afford to use cream in a cold shape, you
can substitute thin custard. If you want a more elaborate sweet,you
can wed it to one of Foster Clark's Table Jellies.
Let me introduce you to Foster Clark's Cream Custard Powder, and
also to their Table Jellies. Let us drink to their healt.h in a glass of
real-lemon lemonade called Eiffel Tower.




Australian Bread Pudding
Baked Banana Custard
Baked Crumb Custards
Baked Rice Pudding
Banana Surprise
Batter Custard Cakes
Beauty Pudding
Bread and Butter Pudding
Brown Betty
Buttered Apples with Custard
Butterscotch Pie
Chelsea Souffle
Chocolate Bread Pudding with
Custard Sauce
Custard Gingerbread
Daffodil Pudding
Date Pudding
Demerara Apples with Vanilla
Custard Sauce
Devonshire Apples
Fig Meringue
Gooseberry Pudding
Hot Berry Roll
Lemon Pudding with Custard
Manor Pudding
Maple Pudding
Marmalade Pudding
Nursery Raisin Pudding
Orange Meringue Pie
Pears Chez Moi
Pineapple Fritters
Prune Souffle
Railway Pudding with Ratafia
Rhubarb Betty

Scalloped Rhubarb
Simple Pancakes
Steamed Fruit Roll
Strawberry Souffles
Strawberry Tapioca
Stuffed Pancakes
Victoria Plum Roll


A Silly Fool
Almond Custard GAt~au
Apple Mousse
Apple Ring
Banana Glory
Baked Rhubarb and VaniJla
Biskra Coupe
Butterscotch Apples with Custard
Castle Baskets
Chesham Tart
Chocolate Mousse
Chocolate Puffs or Eclairs
Chocolate Sponge with Vanma
Custard Sauce
Christmas Fool
Coffee Puffs or Eclairs
Compote of Dried Apricots
Custard Bowl
Custnrd Eclairs
Custard Jelly
Custard Puffs
Custard Surprise
Dessert Compote
Fairy Pudding
Food of the Gods
Fruit Macedoine with Custard
Golden Plum Jellies
Gooseberry Custard Tartlets

Gooseberry Fluff
Gooseberries and Honey Custard
Jack Frost
Kisses in a Hurry
Koko Swiss Roll
Lemon Foam with Custard Sauce
Lemon Tartlets
Loganberry Shortcake:
Macaroon Mould
Mallow Ring
Mandarin Custard
Marble Geltee
Marshmallow Surprise
Neapolitan Mould
Nursery Shortcake
Nursery Trifle
Raspberry Bowl
Raspberry Custard Jelly
Raspberry Mousse
Raspberry Whip
Raspberry Trifle

Rhubarb Compote with Custard
Savoy Creams
Strawberry Peaches
Strawberry Puffs or Eclairs
Stuffed Apricots
Stuffed Bananas
Summer Pudding
Tutti-Frutti Trifle

Salad Cream
Mayonnaise (I)
" (2)

Cheese Tartlets

Fried Fish

Foster Clark's (Australia) Ltd brought out a similar version. The Introduction, Index and contents are the same but the cover is different. It also contains adverts on the inside.  


You'll get twice as much enjoyment from Ice Cream if you
make it yourself - with Foster Clark's Ice Cream Dessert
Mixture. Either a refrigerator or a h,mdfreezer may be used,
Foster Clark's Ice Cream is obtainable in VaniIla and Strawberry
flavours, and, whether you make it according to the
simple directions on the packet, or try some of the mouthwatering
recipes in this book, you'11 find that F'oster Clark's
" home-made" Ice Cream is cheaper, nicer and no trouble.
All you do is mix, freeze and eat. . . with enjoyment.






Good cooks never risk a faiJure. They choose Foster Clark's
famous Jelly Crystals because their quality never varies.
Tested ingredients, true fruit flavours, and rich colourings
combine to make nutritious, clear-as-crystal jellies which
taste - and look - delicious.
Foster Clark 'sJ elly Crystals are made in twelve flavours
. . . Lemon, Orange, Raspberry"Strawberr3', Pineapple, Red
Currant, Black Currant, Vanilla, Cherry, Port, Sherry and
Lime. Serve them alone or with Foster Clark's creamy
Custard. You'll like them either way.




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