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Your Store Cupboard


IF YOU WANT to be able to serve any meal at short notice, if you
want to be able to vary your menus as much as you should, you
must keep a close eye on your store cupboard. A housewife isjudged
. by the state of her store cupboard.
You SEE, you can't even cater for your family, far less entertain,
if you haven't chosen your stores wisely. The more thought you give
to your choice of stores, the easier to cater. The more you vary your
menus, the fuller your store cupboard should be.
No TWO STORE CUPBOARDS are alike, of course. Yours may
contain a large supply of bottled and tinned foods. Mine may
specialize in packet foods. No matter. There are certain foods all
our store cupboards should be able to furnish, and these aresoups,
tinned fruits and vegetables, packets of table jellies, tins or
packets of cream custard, packets of ready-to-make blancmange,
milk puddings, buns, sponge cakes, Swiss rolls, sponge sandwiches,
etc., and packets or tins of lemonade crystals or powder.
ALL THESE THINGS are made by Foster Clark, in excellent quality,
at most economical prices. And I can recommend all Foster Clark's
products with complete confidence, because I know, from my visits
to their factory, how pure and wholesome everything of theirs is.
IF YOU REMEMBER this when shopping, catering should be no
longer a problem.




Amber Cocktail
Eiffel Tower Snifter
Gooseberry Cocktail
Grapefruit Cocktail
Kent Snifter
Raspberry Cocktail
Strawberry Cocktail

Hors d'CEuvre

Ascot Salad
Devilled Eggs
Fish Mayonnaise
Indian Eggs
Maidstone Creams
Mayonnaise Pate
Potato Salad
Potato Salad (simple)
Russian Eggs
Stuffed Ham Rolls
Stuffed Tomatoes


Cream of Green Peas
Mock Turtle
Puree of Beans


Baked Fish in Batter
Boiled Fish with Sauce Tartare
Egg and Sardine Salad
Fish Custard
Fish Fritters
Fried Fish in Batter
Salmon and Pea Salad
Scalloped Fish with Peas
Shore Pancakes
Tay Salmon Jelly


Chicken Salad
Game or Meat Fritters
Meat Pancakes
Mint Jelly
Pork and Bean Scramble
Pork or Veal Salad
Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding
Sausages Fried in Batter


Mayonnaise (I)
Mayonnaise (2)
Salad Cream
Sauce Tartare


Baked Rice and Peas
Bean Loaf
Bean Puree
Carrots and Peas
Creamed Peas
Green Pea Souffle
Kentish Garden Peas
Maidstone Bean Pie
Mexican Beans
Woodstock Peas

Hot Puddings and
Fruit Dishes

Apple Betty
Australian Bread Pudding
Baked Banana Custard
Baked Crumb Custards
Baked Rice Pudding
Banana Pudding
Banana Surprise
Batter Custard Cakes
Berry Tartlets
Beauty Pudding
Bread and Butter Pudding
Buttered Apples and Custard Sauce
Butterscotch Pie

Hot Puddings-continued

Chelsea Souffle
Chocolate Bread Pudding wIth
Custard Sauce
Christmas Pudding
Custard Gingerbread
Daffodil Pudding
Date Pudding
Demerara Apples with Vanilla
Custard Sauce
Devonshire Apples
Eiffel Tower Milk Pudding
Fig Meringue
Gooseberry Pudding
Half-Way Pudding
Hot Berry Roll
Lemon Pudding with Custard Sauce
Manor Pudding
Maple Pudding
Marmalade Pudding
Medway Pudding
Nursery Raisin Pudding
Orange Meringue Pie
Pancakes (simple)
Pancakes (stuffed)
Pears Chez Moi
Pineapple Fritters
Prune SoufRe
Railway Pudding with Ratafia Custard
Rhubarb Betty
Scalloped Rhubarb
Steamed Fruit Roll
Steamed Sponge Pudding
Strawberry SoufRes
Victoria Plum Roll

Cold Sweets

Almond Custard Gateau
Amber Cream
Apple Custard
Apple Custard Flan
Apple Mousse
Apple Ring
A Silly Fool
Baked Pineapple Pudding
Baked Rhubarb and Vanilla Custard
Banana Glory
Biskra Coupe
Butterscotch Apples with Custard Sauce
Caramel Ice Cream
Castle Baskets
Charlotte Russe with Eiderdown Cream

Cold Sweets-continued

Cherry Walnut Jelly
Chesham Tart
Chocolate Blancmange
Chocolate Mousse
Chocolate Puffs or :Eclairs
Chocolate Sponge with
Vanilla Custard Sauce
Christmas Fool
Coffee Jelly
Coffee Puffs or :Eclairs
Compote of Dried Apricots
Coupe Anne Boleyn
Cream Ring
Crystal Walnut Delight
Custard Bowl
Custard :Eclairs
Custard Jelly
Custard Puffs
Custard Surprise
Dessert Compote
Eiffel Tower Pie
Fairy Pudding
Fig Tapioca with Custard Sauce
Florentine Gateau
Food of the Gods
Foster Clark's Blancmange
Foster Clark's Jelly
Frosted Custard
Fruit Macedoine with Custard Sauce
Ginger Ale Jelly
Golden Plum Jellies
Gooseberry Custard Tartlets
Gooseberry Fluff
Gooseberries and Honey Custard
Grenadine Sundae
Ice Cream Sandwiches
Jack Frost
Jellied Fruit Macedoine
Kisses in a Hurry
Koko Swiss Roll
Lemon Foam with Custard Sauce
Lemon Tardets
Loganberry Shortcake
Macaroon Mould
Macaroon Sponge
Mallow Ring
Mandarin Custard
Marble Gelee
Marshmallow Surprise
Milk Jelly
Moka Custard
Mosaic Jelly


Cold Sweets-continued

Neapolitan Mould
Nursery Trifle
Nursery Shortcake
Orchard Jelly
Pineapple Fluff
Prune Blancmange
Raisin Blancmange
Raspberry Bowl
Raspberry Creams
Raspberry Custard Jelly
Raspbe~ry Mousse
Raspberry Sundae
Raspberry Trifle
Raspberry Water Ice
Raspberry Whip
Rhubarb Compote with Custard Sauce
Rich Blancmange
Roman Trifle
Savoy Creams
Strawberry Mould
Strawberry Peaches
Strawberry Puffs or Eclairs
Strawberry Sundae
Strawberry Tapioca
Strawberry Tartlets
Stuffed Apricots
Stuffed Bananas
Summer Pudding
Tangerine Custard
Tipsy Squire
Tutti-Frutti Blancmange
Tutti-Frutti Trifle
Vanilla Ice Cream
Yule Fruit Salad with Custard


Christmas Cake
Eiffel Tower Buns
Eiffel Tower Dinner Gems
Fruit Goblins
Golden Sand Cake
Madeira Cake
Maidstone Cake
Plum Cake
Rock Cakes
Seed Cake
Short Crisps
Thanet Tea Cakes





Almond Cheese Cakes
Chocolate Cr.-am Cake
Chorolate Roll
Dt"vonshirt" Layer Cake
Foster Clark's Sponges
I\ursery Slab Cake
Petits Fours
Rainbow Cake
Ribbon Cake
Yule Log Cake
Opal Iring
Raspberry Icing


Cider Punch
Clove Lemonade
Egg Lemonade
Eiffel Tower Claret Cup
Eiffel Tower Fruit Punch
Eiffel Tower Lemonade
Eiffel Tower" Soda"
Fruit Lemonades
Ginger Ale Lemonade
Hawaiian Lemonade
Kent Julep
Maidstone Milk Shake
Moselle Cup
Simple Cider Punch
Strawberry Fizz
Strawberry Mint Julep
Summer Punch
Two-Way Punch


Cheese Sandwiches
Cheese Tartlets
Tuna Fish Sandwiches


Buffet Refreshments
Christmas Dinner Menu
Dinner Menus
Nursery Puddings
Nursery Teas
Luncheon Menus
Tea Menus
Sunday Night Suppers



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