Henley Standard
December 13th, 1901

Special interest has been displayed this year in the great show of the Smithfield Club of fat beasts, sheep and pigs and for the first time as an integral branch of the club's individual enterprise, table poultry as well, which opened at the Royal Agriculture Hall, Islington, on the 9th. The cattle show brings the fact to the recollection of every man interested that Christmas is close upon him, sooner and more forcibly, perhaps, than the appearance of greeting cards and the new year's diaries in the windows of the stationers' shops and the laden trays on the counters at the stores.
A monthly meeting of the Henley Burial Board was held on Friday. Councillor Pither presided. The chairman said that the sub-committee appointed for the purpose of considering the lopping of the trees had been met, and Mr. Froud would tell the Board what they had done.

Equal to three-shilling, bottles of good ginger wine (non-intoxicating) can be readily and easily made by using 41/2 d. bottle of Eiffel Tower lemon ginger. It is an enormous boon for children's parties, and being made by the manufacturers of the celebrated Eiffel Tower lemonade, the quality of the article can be fully relied upon. If you cannot get it from your grocer, send 41/2 d. for a bottle to G Foster Clark & Co, Maidstone.