No Picture Foster Clark's cream Custard  
Henley Standard
December 13th, 1901
Illustrated London News Jan 19th 1924 Modern Woman September 1927   Modern Homes 1932 'Kent County Journal' issue of October 1933 Date and Publication Unknown Womans Weekly 3 December 1938 Army and Navy Stoes 1939 Army and Navy Stoes 1939 Woman's Weekly 1940 Womans Own 19th July 1941 Womans Own 15th August 1941   Womans Weekly 12 June 1943 Woman 13 July 1946 Good Housekeeping January 1947 Home Review December 1947 Womans Journal Jan 1948 Good Housekeeping November 1948 Date c 1950 Publication Unknown Modern Woman June 1950   xxxxxxxxxxxx Trade Marks Promotions Location Advertising Point of Sale Material Advertising and Sponsorship

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