1891 to1965


Maidstone In Old Photographs

Irene Hales



founder of the Eiffel Tower Food
Manufactory (Foster Clark Ltd.) in Hart Street. Throughout the First World War he was not only chairman of his company
but also Mayor of Maidstone in
1916, 1917 and 1918. Between 1917 and 1925 he held the position of Hop Controller for the country.

AN INTERIOR VIEW OF FOSTER CLARK'SFACTORY in Hart Street, c. 1918. The firm was famous for its custard powder, blancmange powder, jellies, soup and lemonade products. The Foster
Clark name was sold to Oxo Ltd. in July 1965 and the factory closed.

A HUGE CROWD ASSEMBLED INTHE HIGHSTREET for the Peace Day celebrations on 19 July 1919.
The Mayor, Alderman George Foster Clark, read the Declaration of Peace.

Maidstone in Old Photographs
Irene Hales
Published by Universal Books Ltd.
ISBN 1-84013-192-6

Maidstone in Old Photographs
Irene Hales

Maidstone has always been a busy, thriving town, although steerped in history, and the
local photographers were, never short of subject matter. There was always something
going on, be it a.royal visit, a proclamation or a disaster of some magnitude which the ever
alert cameraman had to record for posterity. Nor were they blind to the daily occupattions of the ordinary people.
This new selection includes images of Maidstone made between the latter years of the last centurary and theSecond World War and covers topics as diverse as the retumof the West Kent Regiment from the Boer War and a fancy dress carnival on roller-skates; the laying of the Maidstone Tramway and elegant ladies in long dresses. It shows us street scenes, .shops,sport and many of tpe period's innovations,including motorcars,buses, charabancs and the electric theatre. The rural scene is represented with photographs of hop-picking, cherry-picking and of village life, and we are reminded in the end just how much of interest has vanished for ever from the county town of Kent.



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