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The Back Cover has a wonderful picture of the Foster Clark's factory.


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You are buying-
The best that money can buy. .
The purest that can be produced.
The finest flavoured to please the most fastidious
The most delightful appearance that is a charm to any

Always insist upon FOSTER CLARK'S and you are sure of
receiving the best.

Wholly set up and printed in Australia by John Sand. Limited, Sydney.


Progress in the Kitchen
A Collection of Well- tried
and Delicious Modern Recipes

To Make Custard Without Eggs 6
AlmondBiscuits ..12
Almond Charlotte Russe .. .. .. 13
Banana and Currant Pudding.. 7
Banana Custard.. .. .. .. .. 10
Banana Custard Tart.. .. 7
Charlotte Russe Au Rhum .. .. 14
Charlotte Russe-Coffee Flavour 14
Charlotte Russe-Plain .. .. 14
CherryCream 13
Chestnut Fool.. .. .. .. .. .. 10
Chocolate Custard .. 10
Chocolate Pudding.. 7
Cold Fruit Pudding ..12
Custard with Stewed Fruit.. .. 6
EmpirePudding ..12
FruitTrifle 12
Gooseberry Fool.. .. .. .. .. 10
Lambeth Pudding.. .. .. .. .. 9
LemonSaga 9
Loganberry Snow.. .. .. .. .. 9
Orange Charlotte.. .. .. .. .. 11
Orange Custards.. .. .. .. 11
OrangeShape 11
Peach and Sultana Custards.. .. 8
PearCharlotte ll
Pineapple Custard.. .. .. .. .. 10
Rainbow Charlotte Russe .. .. .. 14
.Rich Fruit Pudding.. .. .. .. 7
Sago Fruit Mould 8
Simple Cocoanut Pudding.. 8
Sweet Supper Tarts.. .. .. .. 12
Tapioca Custard.. .. .. .. .. 9
Walnut Charlotte Russe .. .. .. 14
To Make Jelly 15
Almond and Raisin Jelly.. .. .. 20
Apples in Red Jelly.. .. .. .. 17
ApricotCream 17
BananaJelly 19
Charlotte Sponge.. .. .. .. .. 17
Fruited Jelly Cream.. .. .. .. 18
Jelly and Custard-For Children 18
Jelly as a Garnish.. .. .. .. .. 16
JellyTarts 19
LemonSponge 17
Macedione Jelly with Custard.. 18
Masking a Mould with Jelly.. .. 16
Passion Fruit Sponge .. .. .. .. 18
Pineapple Cream.. .. .. .. .. 20
PruneJelly.. .. .. .. .. .. .. 19
RainbowJelly 16
Raspberry Sponge.. .. .. .. .. 19
Rhubarb Sponge .. .. .. .. .. 19
Simple Fruit Jelly 16
Simple Jelly Cream.. .. .. .. .. 20

Simple Jelly Sponge..
Strawberry Sponge.. ..
Banana Blanc-Mange.. .. .. .. 25
Blanc-Mange in Cups.. .. .. .. 22
Blanc-Mange with Condensed Milk 22
Blanc-Mange with Stewed or TinnedFruit
Chocolate Blanc-Mange.. .. .. 23
ChocolateMousse.. .. .. .. .. 20
ChocolateSauce 2';
Easter Blanc-Mange.. .. .. .. 24
FigMould 25
LemonSauce ..25
NeapolitanCream.. .. .. .. .. 24
Nut and Fruit Mould.. .. .. .. 24
PruneMould 23
RainbowBlanc-Mange.. .. .. .. 22
Raspberry Blanc-Mange.. .. .. 22
Simple Blanc-Mange.. .. .. .. 22
SnowCream 23
Strawberry Blanc-Mange.. .. .. 23
Ice Creams. Custard Ice. Ice Puddings..
Chocolate Ice Cream.. ..
Coffee Ice Cream.. .. ..
Custard Iced pudding .. ..
Fruit Iced Pudding.. .. ..
Neapolitan Iced Pudding..
Simple Fruit Ices.. ..
Boiled Jam Roly-Poly..
Cocoanut Biscuits.. .. .. ..
Cornflour Cakes.. ..
Cream Sponge Cakes..
Currant Cake..
Coffee Cakes
Date Biscuit
Doughboys. .
Genoa Cake..
Gingerbread. .
Ginger Pudding..
Oatmeal Scones.. ... .
Peanut Cookies..
Wholemeal Cake..
"Eiffel Tower" Lemonade.. .. .. 28
To Make Fruit Cordial with "Eiffel
Tower" Lemon Syrup Crystals 28
Milk Pudding in a Few Minutes.. 29
Foster Clark's Baking Powder.. 30
Foster Clark's Table Delicacies.. 35



Progress in the Kitchen

THE hand of progress is nowhere more apparent than in
the kitchen. The manufactured food products have
eliminated many of the laborious and expensive cooking
processes which were formerly an indispensable part of
the housewife's labours. The use of custard powder as a
substitute for eggs has now become more or less an every day
matter in the household, but the culinary possibilities of a
custard powder which can be absolutely relied upon for its
purity, strength and flavour, are far from being generally


In the following pages Foster Clark (Aust.) Ltd., present
a number of well-tried recipes, culled from the best cookery
sources, in which the excellent properties of the world-famous
Foster Clark's Custard Powders and other specialities are
utilised to their fullest extent.


Foster Clark's Custard Powde:r; is more than a substitute
for eggs. It is a valuable cooking ingredient which is just
as indispensable in the equipment of the modern housewife
as flour, salt or sugar. Its velvety richness adds immeasurably
to the texture and flavour of any dish in w)1ich it is
included, and at the same time contributes substantially to
its food value.

THE recipes given cover a wide range of dishes, from the
simple cup custard to that aristocrat of the pudding
world-the Charlotte Russe, a few of whose many
variations are included in the book. Many of the recipes are
of a nature usually considered beyond the resources of the
average cook, but by the careful use of Foster Clark's specialties,
according to directions, the most delicate and high-class
puddings and desserts can be produced, with a minimum of
trouble and expense. Interesting variations of simple dishes
are also given, all of which help to make the family table
more attractive, and provide new ideas for the housewife with
an inventive turn of mind.


Ice Cream is a delicious and wholesome summer luxury
which is popular alike with old and young, but it does not
appear on the family menu nearly as often as it might. The
cost of an ice-cream freezer, of an average family size, is not
large, and simple nourishing ice-cream can be quickly made
from Foster Clark's Custard or Blanc-Mange Powders.
These also form an excellent foundation for more elaborate
ice creams-for which a few recipes are given--and which
have hitherto been regarded as luxuries beyond the means
of the average family.


You cannot make a good pudding or sauce with a cheap
custard powder. It is only a waste of good ingredients
against which the fraction of cost saved on the custard powder
is as nothing. To ensure success in any of the recipes described
in this book, it is essential that Foster Clark's products
be used where specified in every instance, as the directions
given are based on their proved strength and nutritive value.

True Economy

The basis of all true economy is qmility. Foster Clark's Custard
and Blanc-Mange Powders are stronger, and therefore go farther than
other custard or blanc-;mange powders. Their purity and flavour are
unvarying, and they can therefore always be relied upon to produce the
same perfect results.


Jelly, in various forms, plays an important part in the dessert" confections"
of the high-class cook, and much time and money is spent on
its preparation and flavouring. With Foster Clark's Jelly Crystals
always at hand, however, the amateur cook can achieve results
which are just as delicious as the hand-made creations of a French chef.
Foster Clark's Jelly Crystals have the true fruit flavour, and are made
from the purest ingredients.


These delightful products are further instances of Foster Clark's
service to the housewife. ' 'Eiffel Tower" Milk Pudding can, be relied
upon to fill any emergency, as it can be made in a few minutes. The
children need never look disappointed because there is " No Pudding,"
so long as "Eiffel Tower" Milk Pudding Powder is at hand.


"Eiffel Tower" Lemon Syrup Crystals are not only a refreshing
and wholesome summer drink in themselves, but they form an effective
foundation for the quick making of fruit cordials, directions for which
are given at the end of this book.


makes a delicious sweet; with a climate like Australia it is far too little
used, owing to the difficulty the housewife has in colouring and flavouring
a home-made one.
The difficulty is surmounted by the use of Foster Clark's Blanc-
Mange, which is delicately coloured and deliciously flavoured.
It c~n be made with little trouble and produces an attractive,
appetising, nourishing and delightful dish; be sure to get Foster Clark 's.

Foster Clark's
Table Delicacies

Foster Clark's Table Delicacies are supplied by every
grocer. See list below:-

Foster Clark's Famous Old English Custard Powder,
In 1 lb. and 12 oz. tins, and 12 oz. and 4 oz. packets.
Flavours:- Vanilla, Lemon, Almond, Standard.

Foster Clark's Jelly Crystals.
In 4 oz. packets.
Flavours :-Lemon, Orange, Raspberry, Strawberry,
Pineapple, Red Currant, Black Currant, Vanilla,
Cherry, Port, Sherry and Greengage.

Foster Clark's Delicious Creamy Blanc-Mange Powders.
In packet\:!.
Flavours :-Lemon, Vanilla, Raspberry, Strawberry
and Pineapple.

Eiffel Tower Milk Pudding Powder.
In 2 oz. packets.
Flavours:- Vanilla, Lemon.

Eiffel Tower Lemon Syrup Crystals.
A 2 oz. bottle will make 2 gallons delicious home-made

Avoid disappointment by seeing that every packet bears
the name of Foster Clark, as this is a guarantee of the purity
and excellence of its contents.

All Foster Clark's Speeialties are guaranteed under the
Pure Foods Aet, 1908, N.S.W.



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