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An historical record of a great company.

last updated 19/09/2005


1864 ~1967

This site is a long way from being complete, over the next few years we aim to compile a list of products produced and the relevant dates. We also want to investigate the accounts from 1891 to 1965 to see how the rise and fall came about. In addition we aim to look into the social history of George Foster Clark and his family. We are also interested in any first hand accounts of both the company and the family.

Please contact us with any information, especially with regard to;

Foster Clark Ltd. , Foster Clark (Australia) Ltd., G Foster Clark & Co. which are some of the names used. Did you work for Foster Clark's in Maidstone or Bridgewater, or even in Sydney or else where in Australia?

Did you use or do you have packaging for Eiffel Tower products such as Lemonade, Bun Flour or Cream Custard, to name but a few? There were also products such as JuVis and HD, Home Doctor Health Salts, all of which are of interest. Soups were a major part of production and were vital to the war effort.

Foster Clark's recipe books were a wonderful source of information and anything to do with these is a wonderful base to work from.

Perhaps you have found a bottle and would like more information. Please let me know at;

Please send your information to

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